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I decided to enter the K2 challenge because I thought it’d be a good opportunity get back into the gym after recovering from a herniated disk. I’d also thought it would be a fun challenge for my fiancee and I to do together. I’d gone through several routines in years past and have gained a […]

    I lived in Shanghai for 7 years and despite the stressful life, I had managed to find a balance by eating healthily 50% of the time and practicing yoga 5/6 times per week. Last May, I moved to Thailand and although my life has been less hectic and the accessibility to outdoor spaces and opportunities […]

      My story is a common one. I have struggled with weight my whole life. Growing up in a Polish-Canadian family heavy comfort foods were served daily and exercise was sparse. Still, through my teens and twenties I managed to yo-yo myself into the occasional goal weight. Until I had my daughter five years ago…. The […]

        I was sooo excited to win Ms 40 this challenge – thank you judges for recognizing all of my hard work! However, I have to say that at the Finale party my award collection speech SUCKED!  I got up on the stage to proudly collect the award I have been working so hard towards and […]

          I started K2fit mainly to be a little healthier and tone up my figure – that was the goal from day one, so it was easy to choose a category to compete in! Strangely, I found the first few days (not weeks!) the hardest, as I adjusted to the change in diet. After the first […]

            I had been aware of the K2Fit Challenge as quite a few friends had taken part in previous challenges, the results that I had seen just within Zhuhai were impressive. My diet of junk food and minimal exercise had taken its toll on my body over the years. I needed to lose weight, get fitter […]

              My journey with K2Fit….well, I always set out to achieve certain goals: 1: Learn what you don’t know and teach to others what you do – goal achieved 2: Make some good solid friends – goal achieved 3:​ Do a little business along the way 🙂 – goal achieved 4: Better yourself – goal achieved […]

                What is “Busy”? Whether you’re the manager of a company, studying for an MBA or a parent raising children, we’re all busy in our own ways. I’m a busy executive running multiple companies and don’t even have enough time for hobbies, or so I thought. Little over a year ago I was introduced to the […]

                  Everyone who knows me, knows that I never exercise or eat healthy. I’m BadKara. I smoke, drink, go to parties and events. My lifestyle is very busy and I’m always “go go go”. Since I’ve been in GZ, my industry has always been food and beverage, which doesn’t make it easy to eat healthy or […]