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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! No one is too unfit or too overweight to start getting healthier.  But, be smart about it. If you are a true beginner, or you’re getting back into fitness after a long break, let me know. I can determine a logical starting point for your exercise program and teach you how to identify the healthy pain of muscle fatigue from the unhealthy pain of muscle strain. Also consider speaking with your physician about the Challenge and your progress.  Open communication is key for beginners preventing injuries and keeping to a healthy pace.

First of all, congratulations on being ripped! That takes a great deal of discipline! Trust me, though, several of our Mr. and Ms. Toned-Up Champs started the Challenge looking great already, but the end results were beyond their expectations. My advanced-level program workouts are quite tough – youll find them challenging, even if youre a seasoned pro.The K2Fit Challenge might be exactly what you need to push your body to the next level. There is always room for improvement in the pursuit of perfection. Even professional fitness trainers will train with other professional trainers to continuously improve upon themselves.

As long as you have access to email and a gym – or even just a set of hand weights, you can do this Challenge. Weve had participants travel all over the world during the Challenge, and some whove even spent the entire 10 weeks overseas! Some of our Champs travelled extensively during the Challenge, out on the road for weeks at a time, but it didnt stop them from eating right and working out every day.

I know you’re busy. It takes a lot of time to plan and prepare clean food for every meal of the day. One of the most important things to maintain during the Challenge is mindfulness about what you’re eating. Control your portions, load up on the vegetables and a good serving of protein every time.

Always carry healthy snacks so if hunger strikes, you’re ready to fight back. Fruit, nuts, yogurt, cheese, or some of our K2Fit snack-sized protein bars can get you through the day.

When eating at restaurants, choose from one of our approved sponsors. If you think you will overeat, ask for a “dabao” container (take home box) at the beginning of the meal to split the serving size. Leftovers are great for the next day’s healthy lunch!

If you have any new or recurring, old injury, no matter how slight, please let me know at the beginning of the Challenge. Ill coach you through which activities and exercises to avoid/modify and which are safe. Dont let injuries keep you from working out – theres always something you can do! Keep a proactive mindset and a positive attitude, and anything is possible!

In a word, no. When you do strength training, even with heavy weights, you are gaining strength and muscle, but not size or bulk to your muscles. Actually, for women, developing big, bulky muscles is quite difficult and involves a very specific training program with a diet that I dont include in this Challenge. Most women find that strength training causes them to drop in clothing size and adds definition and tone to their muscles, rather than bulk.

Of course! I offer two types of training session: VIP and Bootcamp. VIP clients work with me one-on-one. I meticulously design a training plan tailored to your needs and closely assess your progress. Paired with clean eating, you will see results fast. Or, if group fitness is more your speed, then grab a yoga mat and join Bootcamp! Bootcamp is an hour-long cardio, strength training, and core workout that fires up your metabolism and boosts your energy. Absolute beginners up to experienced exercisers alike find it challenging, but fun.

I offer Bootcamp group sessions throughout the week at different locations in the city. Contact Kara for enquiries regarding the Bootcamp schedule and get more information. Everyone who signs up for the 10-Week Challenge gets two Bootcamp classes, and if you sign up for the Bootcamp Special, youll get a total of 16 Bootcamp classes!

My meal plan is based on the premise that youre making over your kitchen for 10 weeks, while I teach you how to eat clean, healthy, but still yummy food. People who commit to following the K2Fit meal plan definitely get results! But, having said that, I dont believe that my plan is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way, so if youve found another meal plan youd like to try, go for it! As long as its nutritionally sound and safe, Im OK with you eating what you want.

One of the most important things I want people to take from this Challenge is a new, more mindful attitude about the food they put in their bodies. So no matter which diet you use, I hope that youll finish the Challenge with a new respect for and awareness of how, what, when, and why youre eating.

You certainly can, but youll notice that I emphasize protein a lot in my meal plan. With the amount of strength training I have participants do, you need lots of protein to rebuild your muscles, support that new growth and stay lean. Vegetarians need to remain mindful of this, and be sure to get protein sources with every meal. Good non-meat options for protein include soy products like tofu and edamame, eggs, yogurt, quinoa, nuts, beans, and of course protein shakes and protein bars, which we supply and offer!

The workouts I provide are comprehensive and extremely effective. Based on my 15 years in training, studying and building workout routines, my program provides you with everything you need to reach your goals. So I strongly recommend you follow them!

If you feel you need to modify them for some reason, check with me or another trainer to make sure that the modifications you make are safe – we dont want you getting hurt!

Any cardio that gets your heart pumping is great, but not all cardio is created equal. I strongly recommend interval training for your cardio routine. Interval training is when you alternate short periods of high-intensity cardio (i.e. a sprint) with “recovery” periods (i.e. an easy jog or walk). During those spurts of intensity, the goal is to go all out – push yourself for a 30 seconds to 1 minute at your strongest effort. Then, during a recovery period, take it easy; let your heart and breathing slow down. Then, do it again! Repeat the process for a total of 15-20 minutes.

Why intervals? Glad you asked! During steady-state cardio exercise, youre pushing your heart rate up to a higher level, and then leaving it there for a set period of time. Think about a session on the elliptical machine – you get on, set your resistance, zone out for 45 minutes, and then youre done. Your body definitely can benefit from this, but after the cool-down, your heart rate slows back down and the benefits stop. But during interval training, your heart, lungs, and muscles are giving it their all for a short period, then they use the brief recovery period to work on actively rebuilding themselves. Mentally you take that time to catch your breath and prepare yourself for the next short spurt. You repeat this for 15 – 20 minutes, and you’re finished working – but your body isn’t. After interval training your metabolism keeps slowly burning for up to 24 hours! Thats 24 hours of extra benefit, from a workout that took half as much time. You can do interval training with most forms of cardio exercise. During the Challenge, I will give you more information about different interval programs you can try.

If youre having any difficulty or need help or advice with anything, get in touch with me via WeChat or email, and I will respond ASAP!

Unless you share them, the only people who will see your photos are our judges and the K2Team. If you are a winner, we will reveal your photos at the finale party, but in that case, you should be proud!

Taking before-and-after photos has multiple benefits. Of course, it helps our judges make the best decision about who deserves to be named a Champion. But more than that, it also helps you see your progress, and inspires you further by what you’ve achieved. Most people are surprised by their end results. They see the number on the scale changing; they know their clothes are fitting better, but it’s when they compare those before and after shots that all the hard work and sacrifice really comes to light.

The panel of judges and I, of course, will not be competing in the Challenge (although, I will follow the workouts and meal plan along with you!).

If you have a serious health condition or physical injury, chat with your physician beforehand and then chat with me. Most likely, you can compete in the Challenge and train hard, but some modifications might be necessary.

The most common goal for competitors is weight loss, and most people are quite happy with the amount of weight they lose when they follow the program. I think people are often surprised by how much definition and tone they develop within the 10 weeks.

You’ve probably heard this before: muscle weighs more than fat… Well, technically it doesn’t. A pound is a pound. A kilo is a kilo. The difference is that muscle is denser than fat, which means it takes up a heck of a lot less space! So the numbers on the scale will probably change, but the thing you’ll really notice changing is your body shape. You will also see an increase in strength, finding many things much easier – increases in your energy level, endurance, and overall fitness level.

Beyond physical results, what I really hope you notice is a shift in your mindset: moving away from eating unhealthy food daily, and towards craving healthy food as clean fuel for your body. Starting to see each workout not as a chore to be crossed off a list, but rather a chance to take care of and tune up the most important machine you have – your body.

Let me break it down in a timeline for you:

  • In the weeks before the Challenge starts, you’ll register and submit your measurements and photos to the K2Fit team. You’ll be added to a WeChat group.
  • Days before the Challenge starts, I’ll send you your meal plan and your first workouts for the week. Start your preparations!
  • Every day, follow the meal plan.
  • At least 3-5 days per week, do one of the K2Fit workouts – you’ll be doing strength training to work different muscle groups on different days. On the days you’re not doing my workouts, I suggest you do interval training cardio and stay active in other ways.
  • On a daily basis, your WeChat group will be active with suggestions, tips, ideas, questions, and probably a few jokes. Feel free to participate in the friendly banter as much or as little as you want! And if you have a question you need me to answer, drop me a private message any time.
  • On a weekly basis, I’ll be sending out emails to check in and see how everyone’s doing, as well as some fitness tips and reminders.
  • New strength workouts are sent out every 2-3 weeks. This is so your body and muscles have time to get used to the movements and adapt to the demand put on them, which will help you get used to the workload and progress.
  • As the 10 weeks draw to a close, you’ll be reminded to submit your final measurements and photos. This is important! Those measurements help you see how far you’ve come. Even if you don’t think you’ve done as well as you hoped, please check and let us know. You might be surprised by the results, and we definitely want to know about them!

About 2 weeks after the Challenge ends, it’s time to relax, enjoy a little extra and party! Our Finale Event features yummy food and drinks, lots of fantastic door prizes, and of course the announcement of our champions!

At each point, ensure that the tape measure is snug to your body, but not so tight that it compresses the skin. Exhale while measuring and relax your waist for accuracy. Please measure in cms and kgs.

Shoulders – Stand normal and keep your arms at your side. Have someone wrap the measuring tape around your shoulders where they are biggest. That’s generally in a line between your collarbone and nipples.

Arms – Extend one arm to the side, palm facing up. Measure the biggest part of your arm (where the biceps and triceps lay).

Arms Flexed – Flex biceps by bending your arm to 45-degrees and measure the peak (middle of biceps).

Chest – Measure straight across the chest (nipple line), with your arms at the side in a relaxed standing position.

Waist – The narrowest part of your torso. Place a tape measure around your bare stomach just above the upper hipbone. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor (slanting can falsely increase the measurement).

Abdomen – Go 5cm below your belly button and measure the circumference of your body.

Hips – Stand feet together and place the measuring tape straight across the biggest part of your bum.

Thighs – Stand with feet apart and thigh muscles relaxed. Measure the biggest part of the leg. Women: generally, just below the bum. Men: generally, the upper middle part of the leg.

Calves – Stand tall with weight evenly on both legs. Do not stand on the toes. Measure calf at the largest part.

Stand front, back and side for a total of 3 pictures (Male: Please wear shorts and no top. Female: Please wear sports bra and shorts, OR bikini is also an option). To ensure that the photo is current, hold a copy of a current issue of a news publication, a local magazine or other. This is Mandatory! Failure to do this will lead to disqualification.

NO Selfies! We need quality pictures in order to see you clearly and standing in the same position for BEFORE and AFTER photos. Please ensure you wear the same clothing for all pictures.

We have an independent panel of 4-5 fitness experts. Finalists are narrowed down to the top 15 per category. The final decision is made by the judges based on the below criteria, in their absolute and sole discretion .
65% physical transformation as shown by the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.
25% measurements and total change
 10% journey

WeChat transfer directly to KaraK2Fit and please include your Registered Challenge name.


Using the bank information below to do an online transfer or pay directly at the ATM within China. Then take a photo of your receipt/transfer as proof of payment and email to for our reference – include your Registered Challenge name.

Bank Of China
6013 8219 0004 5745 077

If you need another option, please contact us for further information.

You may join with anyone you like male or female, as long as you state their name on your registration and they do the same. Your partner can be a male or female and entered for toned up or fat loss. The couples category winners will be determined by overall change of the two people in comparison to other couples.

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