About Kara

Kara Wutzke is no ordinary person or trainer. After years of healthy living and inspiring others to do the same, her life took a sudden tragic turn. At the age of 35, she was diagnosed with cancer and told that unless she acted immediately she was going to die.

But that just pushed her to fight harder…

Since she was a child, Kara knew she was different. She knew she had a life mission and purpose, but she didn’t know what that was.

”I was always told by other people that I was going to achieve great things but I never really believed them. I was driven to be the best and, at the same time, I wanted to help others; I just didn’t know how that was going to happen.”

Kara started to achieve amazing things, especially when it came to sport. She captained almost all the school teams and was selected athlete of the year throughout her high school years. She also competed in Division 1 soccer. At school Kara would seek out situations where she could help people. She’d give extra attention to students who struggled in PE class and would make sure to pick them for her teams. She’d encourage them to get involved and help them do their best even though they weren’t natural athletes. Kara’s success as an athlete and leader became the driving force in her becoming the successful trainer and life coach that she is today.

It was really no surprise that Kara excelled at sports and has developed into a high-performance coach.Her father founded a football league in her hometown of Quesnel in Canada and has coached hundreds of young people. And still, after 50 years of coaching, he continues to prepare athletes for Provincial and National level competitions.

Kara older brother Mark was also her inspiration. ”As a kid I’d follow Mark around everywhere even though he didn’t want me to. If he was playing soccer, I’d play soccer, if he was playing street hockey, I’d play too and it drove him crazy! But, because of that, I ended up competing in sports with the boys at a level that girls of my age could not match.”

Kara’s strength, ability and sporting knowledge enabled her to play in boys’ leagues sports for several years. However, other parents, upset at their sons being beaten by a girl, complained and Kara at the age of 12 had to step down and join the girls instead. This was a huge blow as it was widely acknowledged that Kara’s ability and strength matched that of most of the boys.

“I was really upset, but I knew I still wanted to play soccer and sport was still my life.”

At the age of 19, Kara was signed to play Division 1 soccer, the highest level possible at that time. It was at this point that Kara made the decision that her mission was to be a mentor and coach, to guide people who were looking for a positive change in their lives.

Since then, Kara has been successfully encouraging and training people to become the best versions of themselves. She has continued to challenge herself by participating in bodybuilding competitions in Canada, Australia and China. Kara is a lifelong learner, continually upgrading her extensive knowledge of exercise science, nutrition and personal training, and is committed to mastering all areas of her field.

Kara has appeared on various TV programs, and her name is recognised in the health and fitness world for the thousands of lives she has changed.

Then disaster struck. At the age of 35 Kara was diagnosed with bowel cancer and told that unless she had surgery and chemotherapy immediately she would die. As her world was seemingly falling apart, and thoughts of saying goodbye to everyone and everything she loved were rampant, Kara suddenly realised this wasn’t her and she had to fight, just as she had for everything else in her life.

So a week after her diagnosis Kara began again. She changed her mindset and decided this illness wasn’t going to be a death sentence.

A month later she underwent surgery to remove the tumour, but cancer is never plain sailing. Complications left her in agony, unable to eat or walk for 10 days. Again, Kara drew on that mental strength she was never aware she had. In constant pain and exhausted she tried to carry on with her life, but every day was a battle.

Leaving hospital with an Ileostomy bag made life incredibly hard. To sit upright was excruciating; to push herself in any way was impossible. For a trainer and athlete, there is no greater challenge than losing that ability.

”It destroyed all my confidence because I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t run or jump, not even regular stuff and it made me feel helpless. I’d spent my adult life helping other people and now I had been stripped oof allmy own strength.”

But it was Kara’s mental strength than won over. After three surgeries and six months of chemotherapy, now 18 months after being diagnosed, she had the all clear. This battle with cancer has given her a reinvigorated empathy to help others.

Kara’s mother has suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis and has been unable to lead a normal life.

”My mum still always puts my brother and me first. She did everything she could for us as children, but her illness meant she was physically unable to really be active. She always made sure she cooked; she came to every one of my soccer games despite being in huge amounts of pain.”

And in return Kara wanted to look after her mum in anyway she could. She did as much as possible around the house and learned to become her rock. Her mother was in constant pain and Kara developed an empathy for others that has stayed with her for life.

All of this has made her the person she is today, wanting to help those in need to feel strong, confident and — ultimately — happy.

People who know Kara Wutzke call her a superhero — or for the thousands she has helped, ‘their’ superhero and saviour. Strong, kind, caring, empathetic and motivated, she has all the physical strength of Superman and all the emotional strength of Wonder Woman. You’d be hard pushed to find a better or more inspiring coach.

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