About Kara

Kara Wutzke’s passion for fitness began at a young age. As a young athlete, she played team sports including A-level soccer, and developed leadership skills as the captain of many teams. This experience helped her realize two things: that anyone can transform their body through fitness, and that she wanted to help them do so. Kara’s lifelong passion has become learning about how the body works and applying that knowledge to help her clients achieve outstanding results.

After becoming a trainer in Canada she then moved to coach in Australia and eventually settled in Guangzhou, China, to start helping the local and expat communities improve their fitness level. Broadening and improving her knowledge base has always been Kara’s key to unlocking ways to improve others. To this end, she participates continuously in training courses to stay informed about the latest research and techniques. She now has more than 15 years’ experience in health and fitness training. She is certified as a Transformation Specialist, Muay Thai and Boxing Fitness Coach plus CrossFit.

Kara has never stopped pursuing her own interest in sports, and tying training techniques as an athlete to her approach to program development for K2Fit Challenge participants as well as her personal clients. She enjoys boxing and kickboxing, and coaches girls’ soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams. This diverse array of interests has allowed her to develop a unique and effective training style, which incorporates functional moves and back-to-basics training in the gym.

Kara’s interest in bodybuilding also began as part of her quest to better understand how training can change the body and muscles. She started training as a bodybuilder and quickly discovered a passion for creating and observing this transformation. Over the years, she has participated in 8 bodybuilding competitions, always placing in the top 4 in her category, and winning the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Championship in Australia. Her understanding of bodybuilding – which incorporates the science of nutrition and training to get the best physique possible – allows Kara to guide her clients in achieving better overall fitness as well as fine-tuning specific muscle groups.

Kara’s goal is to help people realize their potential to accomplish anything they set their minds to – in and out of the gym. With Kara’s support and coaching, people shed pounds, build strength, tone their bodies – and realize how much more they’re capable of. This sort of mental and physical transformation is Kara’s goal for each and every one of her clients.

Her main objective now is to help as many people around the globe as possible by doing online training. This allows her to train hundreds of people at a time, not only in Guangzhou, but around the world! She has clients following her programs and nutrition plans in China, Canada, Australia, the US, Hong Kong, China, Germany, the UK, Thailand, Vietnam and Uruguay. By joining the K2Fit challenge, participants realize their fitness potential as part of a supportive community, with programs, tips, coaching, and advice from one of the top trainers in the industry – no matter where they are.